The roots of the club go back to the 17th century, when in 1667 Edmund Harris founded one of England’s oldest merchants of fine wine and spirits Hedges & Butler. The business was inherited and run by family members and William Hedges later relocated the shop to John Nash’s newly developed Regent Street in 1819. It first started as a grocer expanding into a magnificent emporium that sold wines, spirits, sweet meat, preserves, liqueurs, condiments, Bayonne ham, Narbonne honey, Bologna sausages, Russian caviar, Iceland Moss, clotted cream, and terrines of pate’ de foiegras. The company’s first major development occurred when William Hedges was granted a Royal warrant by King William IV in 1830 and since then Hedges & Butler has been an official supplier to successive to both British and foreign monarchs including Queen Victoria, the King and Queen of Spain, King Edward VII, the Emperor of Japan, The King of Portugal, King George V, King George VI, Queen Elizabeth II, to name a few.


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